Saturday, 29 June 2013

The eyes who see me with love deep like sea
The lips those increase their area
to get smile from mine
The hands who touch my shoulders with authority 
and hold me to stop the time

Sunday, 19 May 2013


the day i met you
with worries and fears few
with heart sewed
i compared
with perimeter of world and mine
investigated ,,, analysed
thought more and more
took advice
for a decision sure
pure and mature
now i laugh on me
and others as thee
waste so much time
in eleven and nine
don't trust on heart
who has got all art
to come close and go away
to ruin and lay
to hate and pray
 so lets play a game on it
at the last time
only to live this life
without thing ten and five

Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Road i walk on

The road i walk on
where goes
i don't know
i just keep on walking
without counting miles
without bothering the stones those pierce my steps
without thinking about thorns
which not only
suck my soul also try to make me silly

i look for  you
in winds, in large sky
in rainbow
in clouds
in the drops of rain
in the lake water
 in oceans
layers of earth
when i get tire
then i unfurl my heart
overjoys  to have you there
my eyes get sight
body feels like getting soul
then i feel to get wet 
by my flooded eyes
who are dying of your hugs

Thursday, 14 March 2013

You said 'i like you'

You said I like you
With errors few
Like your glittery view
I was more than happy
Dreaming you
Feeling you
Think you a bit
And you exit
I wanted more
With the same roar
I want to pour
My soul
Into you
So I could be with
With a passion new

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Do Not Disturb

I am watching the hearts
Dazzling around me
My heart is timid
Feeling cold
Wants to be the bold
He wants to unfold
My dreams, wishes
The landscapes my
Eyes want to see
More and more
I want to lay down on you
To get closer to your heart
To play with your                                           
To melt in your blood
So I could be with you each second
No body could disturb me
While loving you
Pampering you
Tell this money
Not to come on my way
He blocks me
When ever I want to be with you
And also instruct this world
To mind his business
Who always
Gazes at me
Lets compose a earth
Which is only your mine?
With love shine
Where we would eat love breathe love
Each molecule made of love
Put a board
Do not disturb

Sunday, 24 February 2013


I am the Queen
A born queen
Who rules the world?
Yes the world of love
Where love leads
For life long term
Hearts are the bur crates
Eyes are the judiciary
Where the dreams
Serve. Secure and help
Emotions win the success race
Where butterflies
Tease human
Comes with the rain of happiness
Nature dance
Yes let me tell you how is queen
I sleep on roses
See the soul
Of universe whole
Eat anger and jealousy
And live in the castle of poetry
Yes I am the queen
The queen who live and die for
Exactly the hr life is wind
Large,, unexpected, beautiful,ugly,royal and horrible
And completely free

From all the limits,  boundaries,L.O.C

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


How I am without you
Not only have I known
My eyes know
Who wanted to see
My nerves
Who tried to think of you again and again?
May my imagination too
Who created you many times?
Length of my intelligence who
Found your shadows
In men called human being
Some where he was sure
To have you
My hands
Who stood open to hold you?
My shoulders
Who wanted to touch yours?
My breathe
You felt you
My lips
Who wanted the kiss dew?
I forgot Navneet’s Poetry World
 Who want to live with you?
To grow with you
To die with you
And to reborn too